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15  Casagami models "Collection de France" assorted.

PU excl. VAT: €3.75

Public price incl. VAT €9


Pack consisting of

2 Breton houses,

2 Normans,

2 settlements,

2 Alsatians,

1 chalet alpin,

2 "Nationale 7", 

2 Provençal cabins,

2 Basque houses,

2 "Ile de Ré" houses,

2 "Garden city" buildings,

1 boutique de Paris,

1 House "Ile d'Oléron"

and the novelties:

1 Haussmann building

1 post in Sologne

and 1 Yann Arthus Bertrand cabin


Drawn with a clear line, the 15 Casagami "Collection de France" tell the story of the architectural traditions of our regions ... and elsewhere.

The idea? Propose a souvenir (and collectible) object that tells us about France by being made .. in France. 


Each Casagami consists of a pre-cut cardboard sheet and an adhesive solar module.

Dimensions (house assembled): 85 x 70 x 65 mm (varies according to the models).

Delivered in a cardboard envelope (dim: 162 x 229 x 11 mm)

Total unit weight: 52 g.


Designed and manufactured in France.


PACK Casagami Houses of France 24 pcs

Excluding VAT
  • Full warranty: 1 year.

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