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8 Types of Casagami Village assorted:

3 pcs Cabin, 2 pcs building, 3 pcs shop, 5 pcs house, 3 pcs Van Gogh building, Haussian, 3 pcs   3 pcs school, 2 pcs church 


PU excl. VAT: €3.75

Retail price including VAT: €9

Casagami is a "sustainably developed" solar light; a fun little object, both decorative and educational. 

Casagami is made of cardboard. Easy to build and decorate, Casagami is designed for children and adults. The ""solar module"" makes it possible to experiment with solar energy and to light up the small house. 


Each Casagami consists of a pre-cut cardboard sheet and an adhesive solar module.

Dimensions (house assembled): 85 x 70 x 65 mm (varies according to the models).

Delivered in a cardboard envelope (dim: 162 x 229 x 11 mm)

Total unit weight: 52 g.


Designed and manufactured in France


PACK Casagami Village 24 pieces

Excluding VAT
  • Full warranty: 1 year.

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