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Litogami is a project, an entrepreneurial adventure born in 2011, with the aim of designing environmentally friendly and socially responsible objects.


We create playful, educational, and decorative objects with simple designs at affordable prices, using the latest innovations in photovoltaic technology.

Litogami partners with companies, associations, and institutions that share our values, helping them materialize their commitment to Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


At the heart of the project was the desire to create a useful object for children, not in the functional sense (like a tablet or sneakers), but useful in terms of being educational.

The question was also about conveying a positive message to the younger generation regarding the future of the planet. In the digital age, with tons of waste to handle, what purpose would a new tangible object serve?

How can an object foster imagination, exchange, the transmission of knowledge, and understanding of the issues?

In short, how can we transmit the values of sustainable development to children and their parents through a product?

From these questions, among others, and the answers we have provided, Casagami was born, followed by Autogami, and then Citigami.

Each one embodies, in its own way, a facet of this reflection and testifies to our ambition to keep things simple.

Marc Lebas, founder of Litogami

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Logo LITOGAMI cocotte bleu pâle détourée


Recycled, recyclable, and non-toxic

Locally manufactured, our objects are delivered flat to reduce carbon emissions from transportation. They are made from recycled or sustainably sourced paper. Their printing is certified "Imprim'vert," and they are powered by solar energy.


All our objects are powered by the Sun

We use various, advanced, solar technologies to better fit the needs of out creations: polycrystalline panels, amorphous panels, Sunpower, or organic photovoltaic films (OPV). Our aim is to introduce the technologies of tomorrow in small-scale applications.


Integration, disability, precariousness, and education

Promoting the integration of vulnerable individuals into society, working with people with special needs, assisting young people in finding their vocation, and supporting associations that uphold values of solidarity are integral parts of our mission.


Cocarde tricolore détourée symbolisant l'engagement LITOGAMI pour les produits Made in France

Our ecological objects are designed in France. They are primarily produced and assembled in Nouvelle Aquitaine (Agen, Bordeaux, Pessac, Bayonne), and we collaborate with suppliers from various regions in France.

By developing products that combine traditional industry with cutting-edge technologies, our goal is to support and promote French know-how.

Litogami is a member of the Independent Federation of Made in France (FIMIF).

AND forever... PLAYFUL !


Logo Litogami cocotte en noir détouré
Photo de face de Marc Lebas Fondateur et CEO Litogami

Marc Lebas

Founder and CEO

Photo de face souriant de Liang Chuan expert électronique Litogami

Liang Chuan

Electronics expert

Photo de face de Alain Malaty expert papier, carton et fabrication Litogami

Alain Malaty

Paper & cardboard expert

Photo de l'ESAT Cité Jardin prise pour la journée du handicap montrant une des employées mettant Casagami sous enveloppe


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