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A playful toy object to encourage hands-on learning about sustainable gardening

Decorate and build this object to embark on a scientific experiment showcasing the astonishing powers of water and light on plants.

It's a 'fun-deco-educational' concept that gently introduces the idea of sustainability.


Schéma de montage de la Casagami GREEN HOUSE serre solaire graines

Our GREEN HOUSE is essentially a CASAGAMI  !

Assemble the greenhouse following the assembly instructions (decorate it first, if you wish).

Soak the seeds in a saucer for about 15 minutes before spreading the sticky seeds onto the hemp mat.

Place the hemp mat on the greenhouse base and turn on the light.

Like CASAGAMI  MAX it operates on solar energy, and its light is blue.

During the day, position the greenhouse near the window to recharge the battery.

In the evening, turn on the greenhouse to extend the beneficial effects of blue light on seed growth.

Schéma d'entretien des graines de chanvre de Casagami GRENN HOUSE

The GREEN HOUSE is a very special CASAGAMI  !

Once a day, remove the hemp mat from the greenhouse and lightly spray some water on the seeds (not too much to avoid soaking the entire hemp mat).

Then place it back on the greenhouse base.

After a few days, the seeds will start to sprout.

When the shoots reach a height of approximately 2 inches, you can either harvest them for consumption or plant them in the ground.



The kit includes a pre-cut cardboard house and an adhesive solar module... it's a CASAGAMI !

Inside the enveloppe, you'll find a packet of organic watercress seeds (1gram) made of PLA/coconut fibers.

Together with a small hemp mat as a substrate to grow the seeds. 


Flat packed in a kraft cardboard enveloppe.

Enveloppe dimensions: 6.4 x 9.0 x 0.5in

Total weight: 3.14oz

Enveloppe kraft de la Casagami Greenhouse serre solaire ludo éducative

includes a solar module

It's composed of a small amorphous solar panel, an electroluminescent blue led light, a chargeable Li-ion 3,6 V battery and an ON/OFF switch.

it can be built without glue.. and a bit of water

Detach the pre-cut house from the cardboard sheet.

Fold the tabs and the walls. 

Stick the adhesive module under the roof.

Fix the tabs to build the house. 

Soak the seeds during 15mn and sew them on the hemp mat. 

Place the mat on its support and place the greenhouse on top.

Module designed in France and manufactured in Shenzhen by Green Merit Industries

Casagami GREENHOUSE montée avec panneau solaire sur le toit

Greenhouse dimensions 

4.1 x 3.8 x 2.7in

Support dimensions

5.8 x 6.9 x 0.04in

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