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 Énergie solaire



Sustainable, engaging, educational 

Autogami is a DIY cardboard car that runs on solar energy

Easy to assemble and customize, it charges during the day and can drive for up to 25 minutes after soaking up the sun by the window.

With a top speed of 1.2mph, it's almost like wearing a helmet is mandatory! 😉

Pick from our range a beautifully retro classic, a Parisian taxi, a London cab, the iconic 4L, fire trucks, and even buses!"


AUTOGAMI comes in a kit

The kit includes a pre-cut cardboard, and a patented solar engine.​

All flat packed in a kraft enveloppe.

Enveloppe dimensions:

9 x 6.4 x 0.8in

Total weight: 2.8oz

Enveloppe Autogami en kraft

It runs on a solar power base


Our Powerbase includes a polycrystalline solar panel, a rechargeable battery, an electric motor, and a gear system.

module solaire et moteur AUTOGAMI

It can be assembled without glue in four steps

Detach the car from the support.

Fold the tabs and sides.

Attach the powerbase.

Mount the wheels.

Dimensions of the assembled car

3.7 x 1.8 x 2.9in (approximate dimensions, dependent on the model)

AUTOGAMI kraft montée avec roues en liège



During the day, place AUTOGAMI at a window, inside the house. Position the solar panel to face the incoming light for optimal charging.

Switch on

Use the switch to ignite AUTOGAMI whenever you want. 5H charging in the Sun= 25 mn at the speed of 1.2mph

Automatic stop

AUTOGAMI stops automatically when the battery is empty !


Download our brochure

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