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Logo ASCA film organique photovoltaique troisième génération


This innovative nightlight is powered by an organic photovoltaic solar film called Asca, which is derived from carbon and produced without rare earths or toxic substances right here in France.


 ASCA, The technology behind CASAGAMI is not only clean and green, but also exceptionally efficient. When fully charged, it can provide up to 10 hours of bright LED light.


Wether in kraft or white, featuring the iconic house or a majestic  Mansion, CASAGAMI PLUS' multicolored lights change endlessly.

Manoir blanc et maison kraft CASAGAMI PLUS  allumées en vert et orange grâce au film solaire ASCA.

CASAGAMI PLUS comes in a kit

The big pre-cut house, the solar film and the circuit board are all packed in a flat kraft enveloppe.​

Enveloppe dimensions:  12.8 x 9 x 0.5in

Weight: 7.05oz

Deux enveloppes casagami Plus en kraft avec logo Litogami et ASCA

it is equipped with an innovative solar film

Powerful and more ecological, this "organic" solar film is produced without rare earths or toxic substances right here in France by ARMOR. 

It powers a NI-MH rechargeable battery (1,2 V / 0.3 Wh).

and can be built in four steps without glue

Detach the pre-cut house from the cardboard sheet.

Fold the tabs and the walls.

Connect the solar film with the brads (included).

Fix the tabs to build the house.

CASAGAMI PLUS BLANCHE illuminée en vertalimentée par le film Solaire Organique ASCA et illuminée en vert avec panneau solaire OPV ASCA
Enveloppe CASAGAMI PLUS en kraft avec son contenu : film organique photovoltaïque ASCA, circuit électronique et carte kraft à découper


House dimensions  

6.3 x 5.1 x 5.9in (approximate dimensions, dépends on the model)



During the day, place CASAGAMI PLUS at a window, inside the house. Position the solar panel to face the incoming light for optimal charging.


Use the switch to ignite CASAGAMI PLUS at night

5H in the sun = 5H of LED light

Automatic stop

CASAGAMI PLUS switches OFF automatically if the room light goes over 2000 LUX.


Discover and buy CASAGAMI PLUS and explore our special offers and value packs online on Etsy

3 présentoirs CASAGAMI, AUTGAMI et Greenhouse et 6 modèles montés en démonstration.
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