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Made of paper, this little night light which is recharged during the day, at the window, to light up at night. 5 Hours of charging in the sun = 5 hours of Led light. Made of paper from sustainably managed forests. Photovoltaic. Green print. Solidarity. Designed and manufactured in France. To find out more, check out our blog or contact us!


The models of the regions 


Ti Breizh (the Breton house): The traditional Breton house combines plastered and stone walls (granite for example) and a slate roof. It is often adorned with a typical flower, the hydrangea. It is found from Pays Gallo to Pays Bigoudin.


National 7: from Paris to Menton, this famous national road becomes the “holiday road” from Lyon. Casagami “RN7” evokes the colorful houses of the cities of the South-East, from old Lyon, and its famous Guignol, to the palm trees of the Promenade des Anglais, in Nice, passing through Drôme, Isère, and Provence.


The Parisian : A mansion on one side, a souvenir shop with its Eiffel Tower in the window. Lamppost, zing roof, slate roof, stone walls, bull's eye, a bit of the spirit of Paris in a piece of cardboard.


Normandy cottage: dark brown half-timbering, light walls, and thatched roof; add gripping roses and an apple tree… and here we are in Normandy!  The coat of arms of William the Conqueror and an old “Utah Beach” sign evoke the rich historical past of the region.


Cht'i Coron: the alignment of these brick houses (the corons), with slate or tiled roofs, marks the architecture of European mining regions, from Scotland to the Ruhr, passing through Lorraine, Liège, and of course the Pas de Calais and its “Cht'i country, in the North of France.


Eskual-Etxea,  la maison basque: the big house where all the generations meet:, with its wall of chistera, a wooden structure (timbering) tinted in green, or, more frequently, red color “blood beef". If the style is more present in the French provinces, it is also visible as far as Bilbao.


Cottage: the symbolic house of Switzerland; made of wood and stone, it is also available in Savoy,  in Tyrol  and in Bavaria, and in general in all the Alps. This charming mountain house, always flowery,


Hiisla, the Alsatian house: We evoke here the specific style of Alsatian houses; a half-timbered wooden structure; sloping tiled roofs, shapes and colors that evoke the life of the occupants. .. When it is blue, it is a fish market or occupied by Catholics.


The Shed of Provence: far from the farmhouse or the mansion, it is located in the lavender fields, in the vineyards or in the shade of an olive tree. A dry stone shelter, a flat tiled roof, an arbor… here we are at the foot of Ventoux or the Montagne Ste Victoire.


Cabane de Ré: the famous little white houses of the Ile de Ré: white walls, flat roof with canal tiles,  … and hollyhocks. On a gable, the facade of an oyster farmer's hut; a style that is found in all the islands of Aunis like  in South Vendée.


House of the Island of Oléron: black base in coal tar, exterior staircase, pierced stones and mudflaps; these whitewashed houses have contributed to the nickname of Oléron, the luminous.


garden city:  The garden city is a concept theorized by the British urban planner Ebenezer Howard in 1898. It designates a set of individual or collective social rental housing with landscaping and garden around the habitat. The most famous garden cities in the Paris region were created between the World Wars outside Paris on the initiative of Henri Sellier, Mayor of Suresnes.





Casagami Houses of France

Excluding VAT
  • CASAGAMI a pour vocation de parler aux petits et aux grands du développement durable.
    Autour d’une petite veilleuse à monter soi-même, un moment précieux où l'on partage, échange sur les énergies durables et sur l’avenir de la planète. Une fois construite, la petite veilleuse solaire en forme de maison apporte sa présence poétique.
    Montage facile, sans colle.

    Fabriqué en France.
    Eco design

    Energie solaire / Lumière LED / Papier recyclable et PEFC / Imprim’ vert / Solidaire / Livrée à plat.
    Fabriquée en France.

    Dans chaque enveloppe, une planche en carton
    prédécoupée et un module solaire adhésif.

    Le module solaire est composé d’une diode électroluminescente (LED), d’un panneau solaire amorphe, d’une batterie rechargeable LIR 2023, d’un interrupteur ON/OFF.

    - Détacher la maison en carton du support.
    - Plier toutes les languettes et tous les murs
    - Coller le module adhésif sous le toit.
    - Fixer les languettes pour finir la maison.

    Placer Casagami à la fenêtre, le jour, pour recharger la maison. Allumer Casagami quand vous le souhaitez.
    5 heures de charge au soleil = 5 heures de lumière LED.
    Système « arrêt automatique » : Casagami s’éteint automatiquement en contact d’une lumière supérieure à 2000 Lux.

    Poids unitaire total : 47 g
    Dimensions unitaire: 162 x 229 x 11 mm

    Dimensions montées : 80 x 65 x 75 mm


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