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An object to color and build  to carry out, as a family, a scientific experiment that shows the astonishing powers of water and light on plants.

Build the greenhouse following the assembly plan (after having decorated it if you wish).
Put to soak the seeds in a saucer for about 15 minutes before spreading the seeds, which have become viscous, on the hemp mat.
Place the hemp mat on the base of the greenhouse and turn on the light.
During the day, place the greenhouse near the window to recharge the battery.
In the evening, light the greenhouse to prolong the beneficial effects of blue light on the growth of germs.
Once a day, take out the hemp mat from the greenhouse and spray some water on the seeds (not too much so as not to wet the whole hemp mat).

Then replace it on the base of the greenhouse.
After a few days, the seeds begin to germinate.
Once the shoots are 6 cm high (approx), cut them to taste them!



Unit price €6.40 excl. tax

Recommended retail price: €16.00 including tax

PACK Casagami Green House 12 pcs

1 Liter
Excluding VAT
  • Cardboard house and base
    uncoated made in Indre
    and Loire from cardboard
    recycled in France.
    615 gsm; thickness 1mm.
    Printing and cutting made in Aquitaine.
    Adhesive blue LED solar module, of French design, Manufacturing Shenzhen, composed of:
    a photovoltaic panel of 22 x 28 mm.
    a blue LED.
    a 3.6 V Li-ion rechargeable cell.
    100% natural hemp fiber substrate. Made and cut in Aix La Chapelle. Dimensions: 7 x 7 cm / thickness 10 mm.
    Organic garden cress seeds (1g, i.e. more than 500 seeds. Origin Italy. Packaged in Bourges in a coconut fiber PLA bag).
    Assembly booklet and instructions for use. Printed in Agen. PEFC cardboard packaging, made in Savoie; printed in Aquitaine.
    Envelope, control and packaging carried out in France.

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