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Made of cardboard, this small night light can be recharged during the day at the window to light up at night.
The Casagami "Imagine Me"  invite young and old to build their own solar houses.

Paints, markers, colored pencils, collages, Decopatch, all techniques can be applied!


5 Hours of charge in the sun = 5 hours of Led light

Made of paper from sustainably managed forests. Photovoltaic. Print green. Solidarity.


PU excl. VAT: €3.75

Retail price including tax: €9


Designed and manufactured in France. 

PACK Casagami Imagine Me 24 pcs

Excluding VAT
  • Each Casagami consists of a pre-cut cardboard sheet and an adhesive solar module.

    Dimensions (house assembled): 85 x 70 x 65 mm (varies according to the models).  

    Delivered in a cardboard envelope (dim: 162 x 229 x 11 mm)

    Total weight: 47g.

    Designed and manufactured in France.

  • Full 1 year warranty.

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