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Casagami : 0 plastic is better

Originally Casagami is plastic free.

Unfortunately for the planet (but undoubtedly fortunately for children) the toy standard requires electronic components to be made inaccessible; and if Casagami is not, strictly speaking, a toy, we had to, from 2013, equip our solar modules with small plastic covers.

When we know that 3/4 of plastic in France is not recycled, we were looking for how to get rid of the 4 grams of plastic that equips each module; 4 grams is not much, but for Casagami it represents more than 5 tonnes of plastic put on the market over the past 10 years.

We have tried, with Chuan, with Lolo, several options without being able to find a solution that allows us to respect the standard, protect the components, while facilitating end-of-life recycling (Eco-design); but it was ultimately by following the trail of molded paper that we found the solution: molded cellulose.

What is molded cellulose? It is a manufacturing method known to all because it allows the production of egg boxes; in our case, the cellulose used is finer but the manufacturing stages and the environmental benefits are identical: Whether during its production process (low consumption of natural resources and use of recycled fibers) or during its life cycle (non-polluting releases into nature), this material is very ecological.

From October 2023, all our new production of solar modules are equipped with cellulose covers.

Casagami's mission is to transmit the values ​​of sustainable development to young people: by removing 4g of plastic we are progressing in this direction...


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